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Acumen: Issue 60

Acumen: Issue 60

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Poems: Anne Ryland, Stephen Payne, Sally Festing, David Perman, Denise Bennett, Chrys Salt, Lotte Kramer, Ian Caws, Robert Greacen.
Interview with Penelope Shuttle
Poems: Alice Malin, Erica Berry, David Betteridge, Sebastian
Barker, Edmund Prestwich, Keith McFarlane, Anna Adams.
Love at First Verse – Anna Adams
Poems: Peter Branson, Nick Blair
Edward Storey, Julie Whitby, Judi Benson, Dorothy Pope.
Endangered Species? – Mark Victory.
Poems: Fred Beake, Josephine Howard, Ann Gray, Camilla
Chen, Nick Burbridge, Frances Sackett, Leah Fritz.
John Arnold, James W. Wood, Ian M. Emberson,
Emily Mercer, Idris Caffrey, Michael Jennings, James Coghill.
Mercer Simpson: an Appreciation – David Perman.
Obituary – Vernon Scannell
Poems: Andrew George, Huw Lawrence, Trevor Innes, William
Oxley, Bridget Thomasin, Rik Wilkinson, Chris Truman.
Reviews: William Bedford, John Killick, C.J.P. Smith, Anita
Money, Fred Beake, William Oxley, John Horder, Glyn Pursglove.
Poetry Comment

On Such A Day
This morning, when people on the dark road
Have nothing to do but invent their lives,
A feeling I mistook for being tired
Sends me into the rain, looking for things
Of which I am made, places and old loves,
For certainties and half remembered songs.
I am grateful for the rain and for downs
In mist where solitary people move
Above the huddled, anonymous towns
Then are gone. All day, I have driven roads
And stopped at places I should never leave,
That is how it feels. Memories my guides.
Today, indistinct and vaguely troubled,
I search for things I left here long ago
And for words I may have only gabbled
When light began to fade across the weald.
Words that gave shape to a younger ego,
A time beyond reclaiming, bought and sold.
This evening, when those I never knew
Are returning to their firesides, I drive
From an undocumented then to now,
Hold it all in some kind of reverence
Or as something of value I must save
Or something that may have been my life, once.

Ian Caws