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Said and done: New writing from Brittle Star

Published by Stonewood Press

ISBN: 9780956912206

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Said and Done celebrates ten years of publishing new writers by literary magazine Brittle Star. The stories and poems in this anthology offer a complexity of voices that reach out to share something of what it means to live today in this contradictory but no less beautiful world. Here poetry and short fiction sit side-by-side in a buzz of conversations, energetic, intellectual, uncertain, full of grace and with often an under-stated wit.

An anthology of poems and short fiction by Andrew Bailey • Catherine Hales • Valerie Josephs • Paul Blake • Fawzia Kane • Kate Ling • Wayne Burrows • Aoi Matsushima • Valeria Melchioretto • Chris Castle • Sarah Passingham • Anna Robinson • Edwin Evans-Thirlwell • Maggie Sawkins • Anne Stewart • Vishvantara Julia Lewis

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