Suite for Barbara Loden

Suite for Barbara Loden

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Winner of the 2016 Scott Moncrieff Prize for translation from French.

Wanda (1970) a cult film classic, exerts a fascination for artists from Isabelle Huppert to Rachel Kushner to Kate Zambreno. For acclaimed French writer Nathalie Léger, the mysteries of Wanda launched an obsessive quest across continents, into archives, and through mining towns of Pennsylvania, all to get closer to the film and its maker.


A moving, subtle novel about the need to create. Le Monde

Brilliant little book. Valeria Luiselli

A little gem.  Harper's Magazine

Inventive and affecting, it takes both the novel and biography to new and interesting places. Eimear McBride

In her combination of the conversational and the incantatory, the fragmentary and the infinite, Léger captures something of Marguerite Duras’s own tones and moods, yet her approach to Loden and her appreciation of Wanda are entirely her own. The New Yorker

The result of these combined fragments is delicious and mysterious. The Million

The book sucks in every woman who approaches it. The Rumpus