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In The Same Night

Authors: Caroline West

Published by Menard Press

ISBN: 9781874320708

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"We sat up late in the high whited room.
Our thought was abstract. Horns of plenty curled
In utter white – and dazzlespider-crawled,
Through their remoteness from the touch of hands –
Above our heads. They bordered allegoried lands,
Who sat with pale shields, smiling, on the ceiling.
An occasion worth remembering. Talk lively, even warm.
Yet judgements transcended accidents of feeling,
Unauthorised private intrusions. And the storm
Disturbed us as little as would a lamb. Or a dream."

The granddaughter of H.G. Wells and Rebecca West, Caroline West wrote seven poems while she was a student at Cambridge which were published in student journals. This pamphlet collects these seven poems and constitute the entirety of Caroline’s known work.


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