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Some Kind of Immortality

Authors: Tony Curtis

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781910836668

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Some Kind of Immortality is the first collection of short stories from one of the Wales' most notable poets. Tony Curtis first published a story in 1970 and, alongside his award-winning poems, his stories have appeared regularly in magazines and anthologies, and been broadcast on the BBC.

After five decades of writing, he has returned to the story form and this collection brings together earlier work, re-considered and edited, and new stories. Imbued with a sense of contemporary immediacy, the stories range over subjects as diverse as sperm donors, football betting, care for the elderly and email infidelity.

Full of the energy, inventiveness and human sympathy that characterises his poetry, Curtis's fiction explores the present moment, sensuous experience, public and private histories, grief and delight. He brings wit and an alert and intelligent sensibility to bear on every subject, making these short stories utterly engaging.
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