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In his latest collection, Globe, Micheal O'Siadhail explores how a world is shaped. How do the past and our memories bear on the present? What kind of people help to alter the dynamics of history? How do we face the open wounds of irreversible tragedies and loss?

The book's climactic sequence, Angel of Change, catches the mood of immense changes in our times: cyberspace and non-stop trading, mixing of peoples and blurred boundaries, vulnerable and shifting values and in all of this a strange new jazz of possibility ñ "Born in a land, I wake in a globe."

"In Globe, O'Siadhail has delivered a timely and disquiting dissection of the planet's parlous state with trade-mark fluency."
Sarah Crown, The Guardian

"Perhaps more than anything he may be seen as a European poet, since his subject matter has often been European experience... There is no mistaking the passion with which O'Siadhail writes when he takes on political events, and it is this political consciousness which sets him apart."
Maurice Harman, Irish Times

"A good place to find powerful and positive poetry... as a whole this masterful book gives a comprehensive and somehow ultimately affirmative view of change in its many forms."
Ryan Agee, The Skinny

"From writing about personal experience Micheal O'Siadhail has moved to writing about the world. His poems, especially when he speaks of love, express tenderness ñ remarkable in a time when poets seem afraid to write with feeling. He works in skilful verse forms, yet his language is so suited to the thought as to seem perfectly natural."
Louis Simpson