Banipal Magazine - Issue 3

Banipal Magazine - Issue 3

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Interviews with novelist Abdelrahman Munif, film-maker Costa Gavras and poet Amjad Nasser, plus works by poet-novelist Anton Shammas and 11 other poets, 10 fiction writers, plus reviews.


Editorial: Thank You for your Support

Abbas Beydhoun: Selected poems

INTERVIEW with Abdelrahman Munif
compiled by Samuel Shimon
with comment, review and analysis from Peter Theroux, Peter Clark and Faisal Darraj

Anton Shammas: Three poems

Najem Wali
Laila al-Othman
Kareem Abed
Younis al-Akhzami
Samuel Shimon
Mohammed al-Belushi
Hadia Sa’id
Mohammed el-Mezdioui
Ahmed al-Fagih
Mohamed Berrada

INTERVIEW with Costa Gavras
by Samuel Shimon

Qassim Haddad
Dunya Mikhail
Ahmad Fu’ad Nigm
Mohammad Ali Farhat
Nouri al-Jarrah
Amel Moussa
Adel Khuzam
Sharif al-Rubai
Khalid al-Maaly
Anwar al-Ghassani
Khaled Mattawa

The Arrival of a Stranger
Jordanian poet Amjad Nasser talks to Banipal
with selected poems translated by Sargon Boulus

Stefan Weidner: Writing the Self
Susannah Tarbush: In the House of Silence Arab Women’s Novels Series
Samir el-Youssef: Studies in Canonical and Popular Arabic Literature
Salah Niazi: Live Theatre & Dramatic Literature in the Medieval Arab World