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A Working Model of the Fall From Grace

ISBN: 9781999930424

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For over half a century David Harsent has been one of the world’s leading poets. His libretti, essays, drama and fiction accompany a unique and fiercely original central body of poetry, from his earliest collection, A Violent Country (1969), to the T. S. Eliot Prize-winning Fire Songs (2016).

Here, critics, poets, editors, collaborators and friends of the writer have come together to celebrate his work.

Through poetry, prose and criticism, this volume, edited by his biographer, and with a foreword by his editor at Faber & Faber, explores Harsent’s fifty years of writing life, opening unique insights into his skill and art. From childhood friends and recent mentees, booksellers and broadsheet reviewers, in affectionate portrait and close-reading analysis, the viewpoints gathered here offer a wide-ranging and diverse response to Harsent’s work.  

This is a timely, considered and heartfelt appreciation of one of our finest poets.

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