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Letters to the Cultural Rehabilitation of the Unemployed

Authors: Andrea Inglese

Published by Patrician Press

ISBN: 9780995538610

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The book is composed of 17 ‘love’ letters written by an unemployed man and addressed to a vague entity – Cultural Rehabilitation. This Cultural Rehabilitation sometimes assumes the abstract and anonymous form of the institution, at others a female public official with whom the man establishes an erotic understanding. The themes in the letters seem unclear and vague and it is uncertain if the letters were really ever exchanged.

What does the sender wish to discuss? He sometimes writes about mental health, or love and disappointment, but also about work and his fragile social identity.

The second part of the work is entitled Circumstances of the Sentence and includes 15 prose passages representing unpredictable small worlds, where sentences become delirious and irrational, abandoning the world of ordinary syntax and evoking unexpected aspects of reality.

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