Odd Fellows

Odd Fellows

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Brilliantly observed, wry, witty and brimming with energy, the latest collection from Pete Marshall ranges from short lyric pieces to prose poems to text conversations to draw astute word-portraits of its array of ‘odd fellows’. Inventive, scalpel-sharp, yet humane and affectionate, Marshall’s characters engage, entertain and enlighten, revealing the human condition with all its foibles, flaws and attachments.

Oddfellows is an accessible, compelling and distinctive collection from a remarkable voice. 

extract from: 'invocations'


on a flat ledge
overlooking a gorge
in Crete
I conjured Pan

a cloven clatter

an overwhelming stench
of rot and rut

the rising hairlipped wail
of a goat god

which had me running

for the comfort
of retsina and ouzo

(when you died)

the lights went out
on the Migneint

trees grew quiet in Coed Mawr

wells ran dry in churches