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The London Magazine - February / March 2011

The London Magazine - February / March 2011

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Poems by Abu Al-Qassem Al-Shabi, Peter Carpenter, Jeremy Clarke, Desmond Graham, Terry Jones, Steven O’Brien, William Oxley, David Page and Ann Williams.

Short stories by Evgenia Citkowitz and Angela Huth and an excerpt from David Vann’s new novel Caribou Island.


‘The Fig and the Laurel: Petrarch’s Search for Self-Knowledge’: Peter Abbs discusses the awakening of the first Humanist.

‘Pleasure and Sin: The Response of Christianity to the Dilemma of Appetite’: Frank Armstrong considers an uneasy relationship.

‘The Drawings of Julia Rosier’: Grey Gowrie introduces his friend’s depictions of contemporary French film stars.

‘Pop and Art’: Becky Horsbrugh discovers how the art of Nicholas Ferguson gave the TV show Ready, Steady, Go! its unique identity.

‘Carlo Gesualdo and the Strategy of “My Last Duchess”’: Jeffrey Meyers elucidates the heinous crimes behind Browning’s dramatic monologue.

‘My Correspondence with Sir Michael Levey’: David Platzer shares the thoughts of his valued confidant.

‘Mark Twain and Pop Culture: A Love Affair’: Ian Whitcomb demonstrates how the narrative of Huckleberry Finn grew out of the most populist elements of American culture.


Abu Al-Qassem Al-Shabi, The Will to Live
Peter Carpenter, Two poems
Jeremy Clarke, Two poems
Desmond Graham, Two poems
Terry Jones, Lovers by the Ice-Age Tarn
Steven O’Brien, Flesh and Steel
William Oxley, New York
David Page, Old Bones for Soup
Ann Williams, Two poems


Evgenia Citkowitz, ‘The Clearance’
Angela Huth, ‘The Voice Behind’
and an excerpt from David Vann’s new novel Caribou Island


James Barr, An Echo from Iraq (Charles Townshend’s ‘When God Made Hell: The British Invasion of Mesopotamia and the Creation of Iraq’)
Conor Carville, Googling Muldoon (Paul Muldoon’s ‘Maggot’)
Patrick Leigh Fermor, The Transylvanian Trilogy (Miklós Bánffy’s ‘They Were Counted’, ‘They Were Found Wanting’ and ‘They Were Divided’)
Maximilian de Gaynesford, A Fallacious Utopian? (Roger Scruton’s ‘The Uses of Pessimism: and the Dangers of False Hope’)
Terry Kelly, Is There Life on Mars? (Craig Raine’s ‘How Snow Falls’)
Ronan McDonald, My Modernists (Gabriel Josipovici’s ‘Whatever Happened to Modernism?’)