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Confusion Species

Confusion Species

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Winner of the Poetry Business Book & Pamphlet Competition.

"Tough/tender lyric poems in which the language crackles with life whether addressing the urban or the rural and possessed of a truly exciting inventiveness."
Carol Ann Duffy


She went to live among the Sami
and learn their words for cold;
the damp, the dry
the kind with a light breeze.

Their camp was a circle of glowing tents
strung like lanterns. Six months
and she could skin a deer, chip flesh
from the hide and stitch warm boots.

She knew the reasons not to count them
on their summer migration.
As she spoke the herders' language
she lost the future tense

and can no longer say what will happen
where the sky candles green and pink
and the herd sink muzzles deep in snow
to close their teeth on brittle moss.

Suzannah Evans first wrote sponsored poetry at the age of nine for 50p a go. Since then she has had poems featured in Magma, The Rialto and Horizon Review. She now lives in Leeds, works as a debt counsellor and is Poetry Editor of Cadaverine, an online magazine for writers under 30. She runs writing workshops at the Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery and is studying for a Masters degree in Writing at Sheffield Hallam University.