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The London Magazine - April / May 2012

The London Magazine - April / May 2012

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Poems by Peter Abbs, Helen Dunmore, Nick Foster, Grey Gowrie, Justin Kerr-Smiley, Egon Schiele, Michael W. Thomas and Eoghan Walls.

Short stories by Richard Foreman and Conor Patrick.

‘“Six Thousand Feet Beyond Man and Time”: Nietzsche’s Concept of the Übermensch’: Continuing his series, Peter Abbs takes us out of ourselves into what we could be...

‘London’s Greatest Cowboy’: John Gimlette sheds light on alternative lifestyles in Guyana.

‘An Ocean of Chaos and Creativity’: Richard Hamilton introduces the timeless storytellers of Marrakech.

‘The Politics of Polonius’: Michael Holroyd wonders where it all went wrong.

‘Photography Loses Its Limits’: Edward Lucie-Smith explains how an Earl chose to exhibit his art in Bermondsey.

‘Iraq: Now We Must Learn Our Lesson’: Patrick Mercer describes the failed intervention.

‘Neville Cardus: Writing with the Wayward Charms of Schubert’: David Newbold gives an appreciation of a unique music critic.

‘“No-Management Style”: Boris’s Lack of Impact at City Hall’: Ahead of the election, mayoral biographer Sonia Purnell critiques our blond friend’s ability to rule the capital.

‘The Poetry of Egon Schiele’: Will Stone and Anthony Vivis introduce their translations with an insight into the work of the painter-poet.

‘No More Coteries’: John Sutherland considers what we have lost now that closed literary circles are no more.

‘Animal Avenue: Surviving a Third-World Megacity’: Tom Sykes assesses Manila’s right to claim the most dangerous road in the world.

‘Damascus, Aleppo and their “Battered Caravanserais”’: Gita von Wagner tours the stunning monuments of ancient Syria before the current tumult and reminds us what is to be preserved.


Peter Abbs, 'Speak My Name'
Helen Dunmore, Two poems
Nick Foster, 'Kilburn Park Station'
Grey Gowrie, 'Syria'
Justin Kerr-Smiley, 'South Armagh'
Egon Schiele, Three poems
Michael W. Thomas, 'Pebble Play'
Eoghan Walls, Two poems


Richard Foreman, Extract from Raffles: The Gentleman Thief
Conor Patrick, ‘Gull’


Peter Abbs: ‘Six Thousand Feet Beyond Man and Time’: Nietzsche’s Concept of the Übermensch
John Gimlette: London’s Greatest Cowboy
Richard Hamilton: An Ocean of Chaos and Creativity
Michael Holroyd: The Politics of Polonius
Edward Lucie-Smith: Photography Loses Its Limits
Patrick Mercer: Iraq: Now We Must Learn Our Lesson
David Newbold: Neville Cardus: Writing with the Wayward Charms of Schubert
Sonia Purnell: ‘No-Management Style’: Boris’s Lack of Impact at City Hall
Will Stone and Anthony Vivis: The Poetry of Egon Schiele
John Sutherland: No More Coteries
Tom Sykes: Animal Avenue: Surviving a Third-World Megacity
Gita von Wagner: Damascus, Aleppo and their ‘Battered Caravanserais’


Lana Asfour, A Collective Undertaking (British Museum, ‘Hajj: Journey to the Heart of Islam’)
Michael Base, The Politics of Humour (Hayward Gallery, ‘David Shrigley: Brain Activity)
Geoffrey Heptonstall, Looking Outside Oneself (Eddie Linden, ‘A Thorn in the Flesh’ and John Weston, ‘Echo Soundings’)
Terry Kelly, Wandering Star (Michael Hofmann [ed.], ‘Joseph Roth: A Life in Letters’)
Andrew Mangham, In Our Own Hard Times (Peter Robinson [ed.], ‘Our Mutual Friend: Poems for Charles Dickens’)
Derwent May Zoffany, Gilbert and George (Royal Academy, ‘Johann Zoffany RA: Society Observed’ and White Cube, ‘Gilbert and George: London Pictures’)