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A Complicated Mammal: Selected Poems

Published by CB Editions

ISBN: 9780956735980

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Introducing the work of Joaquín Giannuzzi (1924–2004) to English readers for the first time in this bilingual selection, Richard Gwyn writes that he “cast a powerful influence over two subsequent generations of Argentinian writers, for many of whom Giannuzzi represents a kind of model, his understated, pessimistic, yet always humane poetry contemplating the tumultuous and, for Argentina, often ruinous second half of the twentieth century”.

So here am I with my sprawling backside
in some chamber adequate to my social class.
Gentle things put in a safe place,
shut away from the general tumult.
But at times a bomb explodes on the ground floor
and the police show up to find out who is who in this world.

Joaquín Giannuzzi was born in 1924 in Buenos Aires, and died in 2004. His ten collections of poetry, written while working as a professional journalist, established his reputation as one of the most admired and influential Spanish-language poets of his time.

Richard Gwyn has published several collections of poetry, two novels and a memoir, The Vagabond’s Breakfast (Alcemi, 2011). He is Director of the MA in Creative Writing at Cardiff University.

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