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A Compression of Distances

A Compression of Distances

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"Daphne Gloag’s poetry has an extraordinary range of reference: to books, artists, architecture, place and the physical universe. What is remarkable about her
writing is the way in which she investigates these interests and uses them to illuminate human experience, in particular her close relationship with the 'you' the poems often address. Here is a distinctive voice, both enquiring and lyrical, which affirms life and celebrates love."
Myra Schneider

"At the heart of this important book is a love both actual and emblematic. Thanks to the 'luck of conjunction', conversations arise through which the universe comes into focus, from the nearest of earthly things to the most distant boundaries of space-time, compressing distances to 'the entirety of now'. This is a poetry 'love carves… on the breath of every day', and it rewards many readings, not least because it explores visual art - from Cro-Magnon man to Rembrandt - as an emblem of how light emerges from darkness, life from the void, unseen things holding together 'our galaxy of days'."
Anne Cluysenaar

"Her poems are remarkable, especially in the way she has successfully taken complex concepts in modern science – particularly cosmology – and integrated them successfully and seamlessly into poems which speak of the human condition in an effective and moving manner. Her treatment of the scientific components of her writing is both authoritative and poetic. An example of the interweaving of cosmology and human life are the following simple yet wonderfully powerful three lines: 'They played Bach and Twinkle twinkle little star / not knowing what a star is / or the violence of stars'. This is without question an important collection."
John Latham

Daphne Gloag was a medical journalist and editor after studying Classics and Philosophy. Many poems have been published in magazines and anthologies (including in Italy bilingually), especially since her retirement. Prizes for her work include the Poetry on the Lake competition’s Silver Wyvern award. She lives near London and was married to a poet, the late Peter Williamson.