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A Corridor of Rain

Authors: Andrea Bianchi

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781907090288

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A Corridor of Rain is the first collection in English by Italian poet Andrea Bianchi. These seemingly slight poems are layered with meaning; precise and visceral, each poem is a small revelation of great import.

“Accuracy and precision are what we find in this book, close observations of the physical world and how it uplifts or tortures the spirit. It is as if Bianchi’s poems are telling us ‘here is something I have looked at or thought of a thousand times. But at last I have truly seen or understood it. At last.’ … Bianchi has found the courage to mythologise his own experience... he trusts his perceptions, fleeting or hard-won, and understands the inestimable value of their importance.”
Robert Minhinnick

Andrea Bianchi is a poet in Italian, who has published four volumes of his own writing. Together with Silvana Siviero, his translations of the works of Welsh author Menna Elfyn won her the Anima Istranza Foreign Prize for Poetry in 2009.

Translation by Andrea Bianchi and Silvana Siviero.

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