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A Hundred Mile Walk

Authors: Rik Wilkinson

Published by Acumen

ISBN: 197961873161154

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Rik Wilkinson once worked as an Ordnance Surveyor, revising ‘One Inch’ maps. Work which required keen observation of the landscape. Later, he enrolled as a student at Ruskin College, Oxford; and thence became a teacher of English. On taking early retirement he learned to fly, inspired – he claims – by his boyhood reading of the Biggles books.

Rik has a profound interest in nature; and a sense of the absurd, which reveals itself in some of the poems. His poetry is rooted in deep feeling, an awareness of the fragilty of life on earth; and it reveals a sense of ‘otherness’ not often found in modern poetry.

The image on the front cover is by RICHARD LONG, one of our foremost artists/sculptors. He creates large-scale sculptures and paintings out of natural materials found on his long walks throughout the UK and the world.
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