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A New Tenancy

Authors: Gerard Smyth

Published by Dedalus Press

ISBN: 9781904556282

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"With this book Smyth's cool poems find purchase again in the machinery of Irish poetry. A New Tenancy operates at several levels, personal, historical, geographical, but it all coheres as a perfectly beautiful book, full of wisdom and lyricism, but with the added spice of a rediscovered Dublin voice"
Thomas McCarthy, The Irish Times

"At his best he can set images ringing with life and make them resonant with significance"
Books Ireland

"Gerard Smyth has a painstaking eye for the telling detail... in his hands the impact of simplicity is extraordinary"
Philip Casey

"He may do for Dublin in verse what Joyce did for it in prose"
Michael Hartnett

Gerard Smyth was born in Dublin in 1951. He has been publishing poetry in literary journals in Ireland, Britain and North America since the late 1960s. He is the author of six poetry collections: World Without End (1977), Loss and Gain (1981), Painting the Pink Roses Black (Dedalus, 1986), Daytime Sleeper (Dedalus, 2002), which also appeared in a Romanian translation in 2003, A New Tenancy (2004) and The Mirror Tent (2007). Dedalus will publish his Selected Poems in 2010.

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