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A Sufi Novice in Shaykh Efendi's Realm

Published by Dream Catcher

ISBN: 9780954501594

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A Sufi Novice in Shaykh Effendi's Realm is inspired by the landscape and beauty of North Cyprus and a meeting and relationship with a very special man, Shaykh Effendi. The book is dedicated to him who passed away in May 2014.

"These pieces, poems and prose, impart a stirring impression of the encounter between the would-be novice and his master, as well as the environment, in which it takes place. Sutherland's writings are convincingly sincere, full of well-observed detail, psychological insight and a good bit of subtle humour. A very enjoyable read and a rare glimpse into the "inner workings" of a seeker and the soul of a poet." - Rudhia Shukrullah, translator, editor, murid of Shaykh Efendi

"In our multicultural  contemporary world, in which differences become more pregnant,
due to the online revolution and intensive international travel, Paul Sutherland's book is
a breakthrough in the search for new, more relational paths of understanding cultural differences." Monica Manolachi, Romanian Translator, essayist and poet

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