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A Way of Falling Upwards

Authors: Ric Hool

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781909077211

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“The word that most characterises this collection is ‘fluidity’. …And if water is the central element, then winter is the season that Ric Hool seems most at home in, with its ‘yin’ qualities of darkness, receptivity, liminality and the music of weather.” Fiona Owen.

Ric Hool is a poet of great generosity, both personally and in the scope of his writing. This collection reflects that generous spirit in its variety and its subject matter. The great strength of this collection is a capacity to see through physical appearances even while observing them in immediate detail, allowing the reader’s imagination to expand their meaning.

Ric is at his best when using simple straightforward language, which he can do to stunning effect, whether in his haiku-like short meditations (as in ‘Three Views of a Mountain’) or in longer descriptive pieces (such as the lovely ‘Summer’s Gift’).

Ric Hool has 6 collections of published poetry and has his work featured in poetry magazines & journals in Europe, USA & UK. From Cullercoats, Northumberland he moved to Wales in 1990 after several years in Hastings and five years journeying the islands and mainland of Spain. He was the Academi (Welsh Academy) poet for the Abergavenny Food Festival 2009 and also Academi poet representative for the South Bank London Global Poetry System 2009. Twenty years ago he initiated the poetry readings at the Hen & Chickens, which remains the hub of The Abergavenny Poetry Scene.

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