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A Will and a Way

Published by Glas New Russian Writing

ISBN: 9785717200295

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In this collection of Russian women's writing a new note of resolution and humour is heard.

"Thanks to Glas many of the new Russian writers are now available to the Western reader." — The New Yorker

"This thought-provoking and often funny collection of women's writing has something for everyone's taste. It is arguably the finest edition of Glas to date." — The Moscow Times

"Glas 13 provides a fascinating cross-section of the writing talented women are producing in Russia today." — The Moscow Tribune

The heroines range from a wide-eyed child to a 95-year-old sculptress in love with a man sixty years her junior, a noblewoman adrift in Moscow to an old lady forgotten in an abandoned village, from a gynaecologist to a fairytale princess.

Meet the women writers of Russia in the 1990s, Maria Arbatova, Ludmilla Petrushevskaya, Dina Rubina, Larissa Miller, Irina Muravyova, Nina Gabrielyan, and Irina Polyanskaya as they write about women unflinchingly facing up to a world of illness, old age, death, madness, and men.
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