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A Woman Called Rose and Other Poems

Published by Agenda Editions

ISBN: 9780902400993

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A Woman Called Rose features Spanish poems translated by Arthur Terry who, just before he died, sent a hand-written letter to William Cookson, expressing a strong wish for Agenda Editions to bring this collection out. This has at last been made possible by a generous grant from the estate of the late Elizabeth Robertson, a lover of poetry.

Ángel Crespo (1926-1995) was one of the leading Spanish poets and translators of his generation. Early on, he was an established highly-skilled pastoral poet, working inside a narrow, but deeply felt, range of experience, with little concern for contemporary poetic movements. He became a visual art critic, interested in transferring pictorial values to poetry, though his poems never become purely descriptive. As he advanced, his poetry became increasing metaphysical, with the use of free association in prose poems, and subtle metaphors.

Arthur Terry was part of the Belfast Writing Group which included such well-known poets as Seamus Heaney, Philip Hobsbaum, Michael Longley, James Simmons and Derek Mahon.

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