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About a Girl

Authors: David Collard

Published by CB Editions

ISBN: 9781909585065

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In late 2003 Eimear McBride started writing A Girl Is a Half-formed Thing, and finished it the following summer. In 2013, after almost a decade of rejection, it was published by a tiny Norwich-based press, Galley Beggar, and won the Goldsmiths Prize; in 2014 it won three other major prizes and was published in America, gathering superlative reviews along the way.

From nowhere to near-universal acclaim – how did this happen? What does such an extraordinary reception for an uncompromisingly experimental and uncommercial novel signify?

About a Girl provides a full record of the progress of McBride’s novel from its writing, its serial rejections and its initial publication through to the prizes, its reception in the US and the stage adaptation, based on interviews with those involved. Also included here are a critical account of the novel’s reclamation of modernism, an extensive interview with McBride and transcriptions of previously unseen early drafts.

Written with the full cooperation of Eimear McBride, About a Girl is a comprehensive account of an unprecedented literary phenomenon that enlarges our understanding of both McBride’s novel and the contemporary literary scene.

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