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Acumen: Issue 50

Published by Acumen

ISBN: 9780964030459

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Acumen is a literary journal that places an emphasis on poetry. The magazine is edited by Patricia Oxley who herself is not a writer but a reader of poetry. She has been editing the magazine for eighteen years and has taken it into the twenty-first century with some of the best poetry and criticism being written today. Acumen publishes a varied and impressive list of poets and critics.

The magazine is also known to be on the lookout for the new and unknown of all ages - in the search for fresh talent and quality work. Published three times a year (January, May and September) in A5 perfect bound, with at least 120pp per issue, the magazine contains approximately 50 new poems (including translations), reviews, poetry comment, and reader feedback. The critical articles aim to be well written and readable which, we hope, will set the reader thinking and promote discussion within the correspondence columns of the magazine.

Issue 50 is a very special issue, an excerpt from the Editorial explains:

"When I started Acumen, I anticipated reviewing the situation when I reached issue 10. Once there I thought about coming of age at 21; then getting to the Millennium issue. It was only after these hurdles had been passed that I began to wonder if I could reach 50 issues.

Do I feel that Acumen has done anything for poetry? I've published many new writers, some of whom have gone on to have books and pamphlets by the more established poety presses; I've introduced a few series of articles or other innovations (such as Focus for Readers) which other magazines have adapted and adopted. So as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

But what has pleased me most are those letters from readers saying how much a poem has meant to them; helped them through a period of their own life, recalled experiences pleasant and otherwise, or just made them see something differently or more deeply. I've never published these letters in 'Responses' as I feel they are private between the poet and the reader and I feel privileged as editor to be allowed a glimpse of these private emotions..."

Patricia Oxley, Editor.
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