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Acumen: Issue 58

Published by Acumen

ISBN: 9780964030459

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Contents in this issue:

Mario Petrucci, Derrick Porter, Stephen C. Middleton, Andrew Frolish, John Powell Ward, Kenneth Steven, Jan Fitzgerald.

Myths — Do We Still Need Them?: Helen Ashley, Jonathan Attrill, Sebastian Barker, Fred Beake, Malcolm Bradley, Hilary Davies, Kevin Donnelly, Colin Falck, Kay Green, James Harpur, Lucy Lepchani, Dinah Livingstone, A.A. Marcoff, William Oxley, Mario Petrucci, J.S. Smith, Margaret Whyte.

Poems: Terry Quinn, Patrick Hicks, Barbara Cumbers, Caroline Carver, Alex Smith, Angela Stoner, Nick Blair, Jenny Hamlett.

An Afternoon with the Minotaur — Sean Elliott.

Poems: Mimi Khalvati, Lotte Kramer, India Russell

Interview with Catherine Smith.

Poems: Catherine Smith, Rik Wilkinson, Robert Greacen, Michael Croshaw, Jonathan Steffan, Wendy Bardsley, Louis Daneil Brodsky, June English.

John Heath Stubbs: Reminiscences — Leah Fritz, Cliff Forshaw, Wendy French, Alison Chisholm, Tony Turner, Rupert M. Loydell, Mike Loveday, Alison Chisholm.


— William Oxley

Poems: Merryn Williams, Patricia Tyrrell, Anthony Edkins, Derrick Porter, K.V. Skene.

Reviews: C.J.P. Smith, Belinda Cooke, Wendy Bardsley, Jane Holland, Fred Beake, Elizabeth Heywood.

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