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Acumen: Issue 59

Published by Acumen

ISBN: 1956009640304

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Martyn Crucefix, Julia Deakin, Sheenagh Pugh, Sally
Douglas, Jenny Hamlett, Susan Skinner, David H.W. Grubb.

’Englishness’ and the McPoets – Ross Cogan.

Poems: Michael Croshaw, Michael Henry, Katherine Gallagher,
Barbara Cormack, June Hall, Weam Namou, Alice Kavounas.

from The Poet’s Progress – William Oxley.

Poems: Michael Newman, Tim Love, Caroline Berrier, Wendy
French, Kathryn Daszkiewicz, Derek Stanford.

English Poetry, the Celtic Viewpoint – Joy Hendry, Amy Wack

Poems: Alison Brackenbury, Gary Bills, Andrew Geary, Gill
McEvoy, Zeeba Ansari, Peter Phillips.

Interview with Mario Petrucci.

Mario Petrucci, Rosemary McLeish, Robin Brumby.

What Can Happen to your Poems – Jacqueline Saphra & W.H. Petty.

Poems: Alwyn Marriage, Maggie Butt, Ruth O’Callaghan,
Mel Pryor.

Foyle Young Poets – Emily Middleton.


Clive Eastwood, Lynne Wycherley, Danny Pyle, William
Bedford, Danielle Hope, Lance Lee, Sue Boyle, Roy Davids.

Poems Inside – Stephen Wade.

Reviews: Ailbhe Darcy, C.J.P. Smith, David Green, Edmund
Prestwich, Keith McFarlane, Phil Poole, John Horder,
Glyn Pursglove.

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