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Acumen: Issue 61

Published by Acumen

ISBN: 1965309640304

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Acumen 61 contains:

William Danes-Volkov, Ian Caws, Jonathan Steffen,
Rose Flint, Rebecca Gethin, Kathleen Kummer, June
Hall, Maggie Butt, S.N. Devereux, Jim C. Wilson,
Kornell Kossuth, Fiona Moore, Helen Overell,
William Bedford, Geoffrey Godbert, Roy Cameron.

Interview with Ian Caws

Terry Quinn, Janice D. Soderling, Kathryn Jacobs,
Jonathan Atrill, Jeremy Page, Joel Lane.

The Art of Translation – Fred Beake.

Poetry in Translation: by Mann Domini, Stephen Capus,
Christopher Pilling, Michel Frois & R. Freidman.

Translating Toon Tellegen – Keith McFarlane.

Poems: Patric Osada, Andrew Frolish, Jonathan Attrill, Michael
Newman, Thomas Land, Peter Dale, Geoffrey Godbert,
Ted Harriott, Caroline Price, Christopher J.P. Smith.

A Visit to Jack Clemo – Andrew C. Symons.

Poems: Sean Elliott, Jocelyne Thébault, A.A. Marcoff, Michael
Jennings, Shanta Acharya, Tony Turner, Stephen Capus,
Rose Flint, India Russell.


Helen Mort, James Wood, Sally Douglas, Michael Swan,
Gill McEvoy, Maggie Butt, Thomas Land.

Reviews: William Bedford, C.J.P. Smith, William Oxley, Parvin
Loloi, William Oxley, William Bedford, Fred Beake,
John Horder.

Poetry Comment
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