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Acumen: Issue 62

Published by Acumen

ISBN: 1976209640304

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Rhona McAdam, Nazneen Zafar, B N Oakman,
Andrew Pidoux, Kathryn Daszkiewicz, Sue Boyle,
Geoff Tomlinson, Peter Dale, Frances Anne King,
Mike Barlow, John Miles.

Serving Two Gods – Dannie Abse.

Niall McGrath, Derek Adams, Melanie Crump, Trish
Harewood, Susan Skinner, Mim Darlington, Michael

Poetry 1 – Prose 364 – Mario Petrucci.

Poems: Lynne Wycherley, Lotte Kramer, Peter Halliwell,
Dorothy Baird, Lynne Wycherley, Donna Pucciani, John
Terry, Victoria Field, Dorothy Yamamoto, Ann Pilling,
Alex Smith, Susan Taylor, Wendy French, Fiona Moore.

Emily’s Spiritual Garden – Susan Frome.

Poems: John Gilham, Edward Storey, Dorothy Baird, Norman
Kreitman, Mavis Gregson, Gordon Scapens, Caroline
Carver, Roger Waterfield, Hilary Mellon, Norbert

Interview with Mimi Khalvati.

Poems: Sebastian Barker, Anne McCosker, Katherine Gallagher,
John Gilham, Ruth O’Callaghan, Michael Yorke, Ann
Pilling, John Gilham, Graham Burchell, Danny Pyle.


Derek Stanford.

Obituary: Robert Greacen.

Reviews: William Bedford, William Oxley, Ross Cogan, Ailbhe
Darcy, Christopher J.P. Smith.

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