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Acumen: Issue 64

Published by Acumen

ISBN: 1988409640304

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'Acumen is a literary journal that places an emphasis on poetry. The magazine is edited by Patricia Oxley who herself is not a writer but a reader of poetry. She has been editing the magazine for twenty-five years in 2010 and has taken it into the twenty-first century with some of the best poetry and criticism being written today. Acumen publishes a varied and impressive list of poets and critics.

Acumen 64 has a thought-provoking article by Mary Michaels about the little-known poet Joan Barton and in particular her riposte to Stephen Spender’s famous poem ‘Elementary Classroom in a Slum’; a suggestion that there is a new poem by Keats; a long poem about a less than responsible father offset by a poem about a good father called ‘The Fame of Bad Fathers’! It also contains 50 new poems, an interview with Rupert Loydell of Stride, and reviews and comments on 21 books of poetry.
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