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Authors: Joanne Stryker

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781910836989

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After is a heart-breaking account of the aftermath of a suicide. Simple, spare language and the use of questions allow the seismic shifts of grief and disbelief to resonate through this powerful, disquieting and sometimes harrowing, but never sentimental or self-indulgent, sequence. There is a fine line of control and grace in this poignant and deeply humane collection; an exceptional debut. Extract from: 'Your Body' no longer here, cannot grasp this altered world –   world so chasmed by your going – nor block the thought of your drop: brief flash between mirrored sunlit towers,     roof below rushing up to meet you. Did you regret – did the moments stretch (were you lucid?) into horror? Or did you feel, finally, as Icarus did when he soared – free –

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