Agenda - 50th Anniversary Issue

Agenda - 50th Anniversary Issue

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Vol. 44 No. 4 / Vol. 45 No. 1

Introduction: Agenda at 50!

Young Broadsheet Poets

Katie Bishop: Love Bite

Zoe Brigley: Passage

                     The Adventuress

Caroline Clark: Saying Yes in Russian

                         Two Words


Gemma Green: Imperial 58

                         (50 73’North, 3 54’West)


                         The Bluebell Tutorial

Martin Jackson:  Geographers’ A-Z Map Co., LTD

                            A kite

Anna Lewis:  Glass (a sequence)

Ailie MacDonald: Ice Palace

                             The Plague Year

                             Cooled Lava at Camas Nan Geall

                             Lallans Sonnet

Christopher Nield: Ghost


Joshua Roche:  Passion Girl


Omar Sabbagh: The Ecclesiast


David Shook: translations of two Mexican poets:

                       Victor Terán:  It’s over

                                              In the hammock

                       Victor de la Cruz: My fall

                                                     The word I forgot

Agnieszka Studzinska: Haunting  (a sequence)

Rory Waterman: A Wedding Photograph

                            Where Were You When…

                            In the Avenue of Limes

                            Shrine for a Young Soldier, Castle Drogo         

Loveday Why: Pieces

                         The Hut


Adam Wyeth: Cinema Complex

                        Deoch an Doris

                        Rough Music

                        Ode to the Globe                        


Young Broadsheet Essayists/Reviewers

Caroline Clark: Of All the Places

Bryant Kirkland: The Fires by Night: Louise Gluck

Rory Waterman: Don Paterson: Rain

Loveday Why: Haikus

                Haikus (art work)


Notes for Broadsheet Poets

Shanta Acharya: On the Nature of Poetry and the Creative Process


Seamus Heaney: The Butts

Derek Walcott

John Kinsella:  ‘Even Music May Be Intoxicating’

                         Higher Laws

Peter Dale: Insomniac Lullaby

                   Epitaph: The War Graves

                   Seconding Henry Allingham and all the Fallen

Greg Delanty: selected poems from the Greek Anthology, Book XVII

                        Gaia’s Inn

                        The Soapbox

                        Worth Remembering


Nicholas Jagger: from Zarathustra

Sudeep Sen: Dreaming of Cézanne (a sequence)

Sue Roe: Caillebotte’s Geometry

               The Dance Class

               Dancing at the Moulin de la Galette

India Russell: Final Notes to a Dancer


John Hartley Williams: Legs

Caroline Price: Figures of Eight


Joseph Woods:  Her Own Drowning

                          Mayday Relay

Tim Liardet: Urn Burial

                     Vulgar Old Smile

 Christine McNeill: Witness


                                Pruning his tree

Michael Hulse:  To my Father (selections from a sequence)

Nigel Jarrett: Alzheimer’s Castle


Danny Rendleman: Doppler

Mc. donald Dixon: The Funeral

Will Stone: The Rock Tombs of Montmajour

William Virgil Davis: Pomegranates

Lynne Wycherley: from the sequence: Poppy in a Storm-struck Field

                                                              The Monks of Papa Westray

                                                               Leaving Burray (Jane – if room)

Tony Conran: Deià Unvisited


Roland John: Taking Risks

Charles Leftwich: Cadenzas

W S Milne: Sonnet

Donald Avery: The Final Page

Norman Buller: A Jacobean Romance (a sequence)

Lyn Moir, Caroline Carver, Penelope Shuttle: Triptych

   Picture: The Crescent Moon Spring of Dunhuang


Colin Wilcockson: Ted Hughes’ Undergraduate Years

                                at Pembroke College, Cambridge:

                                Some Myths Demystified

Tony Roberts: Charles Tomlinson: Seeing the Light

Tony Roberts: Robert Lowell: Late Victorian

Ann Price-Owen: What says Dai’s mabinogi?

Yang Lian: ‘In the Timeless Air’ – Chinese Language, Pound and the Cantos

Belinda Cooke: Why I Translate


Louis Aragon: Elsa Your Eyes

                        Translated by Timothy Adès

Marina Tsvetaeva: Sybil

                               Translated by Belinda Cooke

Toon Tellegen: My father

                         Translated by Judith Wilkinson (and the poet)

Andrew Waterman: Mioritza, a Romanian Folk Ballad

Ben Mazer: Somnambulist Ballad

                   (after Lorca)


Belinda Cooke: Words In Air: The Complete Correspondence

                          between Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell

Tim Liardet: John Hartley Williams: Café des Artistes

John Levett: Michael Hulse: The Secret History

Special feature

Bernard Spencer Centenary Supplement

introduced and compiled by Peter Robinson

End Piece

(from a sequence on Camille Claudel, Rodin’s Mistress)

Patricia McCarthy: La Salle des Pas Perdus

                               Fourteen Visits in Thirty Years

                               Masses Said

Johnny Marsh: Stations of the Cross