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Agenda - Australian Issue

Agenda - Australian Issue

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Vol. 41, Nos. 1-2

This special Issue on Australian Poetry contains poems by some of that country's leading poets, and essays on new and established poets. The issue was well received and reviewed extensively in The Independent newspaper (with a special feature on Clive James). Here is an excellent introduction both to the exciting world of contemporary Australian poetry and to its rich cultural heritage.

"The Australian issue is an education in all the outbacks and inbacks of that country’s poetic territories."
Dennis O’Driscoll

"A rich and dynamic choice, a very nice balance of poetry and criticism."
Jan Owen

"I am proud to be associated with this issue. It looks brilliant... a great job has been done."
John Kinsella


Introductory essays:
David Brooks: The Australian Line
David McCooey: Surviving Australian Poetry: The New Lyricism
Katherine Gallagher: Towards Reconciliation: Inspiration and Leadership – Oodgeroo of the Tribe Noonuccal (1920-1993 and Judith Wright(1915-2000)


Connie Barber:  Horse Sense
Tony Birch: Chroming, Hygiene for a nation’s soul
Judith Bishop: The Shatter Rooms, The Vow
Peter Boyle:  Reading Borges, late at night and imagining Buenos Aires
Mary Bradley: Henry’s Farm on Yorke Peninsula
Michael Brennan: An extract from The Disaster of Grace
David Brooks: Angels, Language, Wait, A Time of Strangers
Kevin John Brophy: The Dead
Pam Brown: Still Life
Alison Croggan: Translations from Nowhere
MTC Cronin: The Last Law, ‘The Laws By Which the Irises Rise’, Triumph
Sarah Day: Sky Writing
Rosemary Dobson: The News and Weather
Tess Driver: Why do you Cry Grandmother?
Laurie Duggan: All Fools’ Day
Brook Emery: The Sandstone Pylons…
Diane Fahey: Light on Water, Lines of Sight, Headland
Lionel Fogarty
Katherine Gallagher: Entente, Hybrid, Graffitist, Tangents
Alan Gould: Elegy
Kevin Hart: Dark Retreat
Dennis Haskell: Counting the Days
Paul Hetherington: Scissors, Some Softer Part of Being, You speak
Barry Hill: Fathers and Daughters
Sandra Hill: Intersection, A Melbourne Autumn
Ian Irvine: The Giant
Clive James: Literary Lunch
Jill Jones: My Green Name, Dream Horses
S.K. Kelen: Reality Check, Bon Voyage
John Kinsella: Well-side Inversions, Elegy for Mr Jack Sumner, Lightning Charm
Mike Ladd: The Immigration Minister’s Dream
Miriel Lenore: Mt Hinkley
Emma Lew: Avalanches, Poker for Money
Kate Lilley: Genie
Ray Liversidge: Half Moon Bay, Black Rock, Circa 1972
John Mateer: The Black Armband of Memory, I One of the Earthrings at Sunbury, II Visiting the Site of a Shell Midden, Invisible Cities
Kevin Murray: Time Out, Creeks
Les Murray: The Shining Slopes and Planes, An Acrophobe’s Dragon, Birthplace, Lateral Dimensions
Louise Nicholas: Family Tree
Jan Owen: The Going (Bowl, and Violin), Clouds
Charmaine Papertalk-Green: Little People, Rich Yamaji
Dorothy Porter: The Sea Hare, Ode to Agatha Christie
Peter Porter: Writing in the Dark, Self-uncondemned, La Finta Amante
Selwyn Pritchard: Émigré’s song, The Poet and the Spy
Judith Rodriguez: The Asylum-seekers
Robyn Rowland: Remember the Tin Man
Tracy Ryan: Torndirrup – The Gap (Part I of a sequence)
Andrew Sant: Cold Weather
Michael Sariban: Photo Negative, Black Light
Thomas Shapcott: Old Childen, Under the House
Peter Skrzynecki: Snap Dragons
Vivian Smith: Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos
Peter Steele: The Two, Smart and Lurcat, Golden City: Rome from the Janiculum, Birds
Maria Takolander: Peace be with you (and also with you), Tides
Alf Taylor: Didjeridoo and Clapsticks, Nyuwarri Minyma (PrettyWoman), My Ancestors
John Tranter: Rink, Whisper
Chris Wallace-Crabbe: Stranger Country, Household Ways (a sequence)
Lauren Williams: Last Things
Morgan Yasbincek: On Paintings by Emily Kame Kugwrreye


Paul Kane: Philip Hodgins: A Note on the Life of the Work
W.S. Milne: Defending the Intellect: A.D. Hope’s Poetry and Criticism
Peter Robinson: John Tranter and Tradition
David McCooey: Local Elegies: Laurie Duggan and the World
Martin Dodsworth: Australian Rules – Peter Rose, David McCooey, Andrew Taylor, Laurie Duggan, David Miller, Michael Brennan, John Kinsella
Patricia McCarthy: Conjugating Ourselves - Three Women Poets: Katherine Gallagher, Alison Croggan and MTC Cronin

Two Chosen Australian Broadsheet Poets:

Petra White:  A Likeness
Joanna Preston:  The Hill Paddock, Curly Hill Road, The Pride of Lions, The Damaged

Notes for Broadsheet Poets