Agenda - C.H. Sisson Special Issue

Agenda - C.H. Sisson Special Issue

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Vol. 45 No. 2


C.H. Sisson - On my Fifty-first Birthday


Robert Wells - C.H. Sisson: A Memoir

John Peck - Charles Sisson and the Distantly Raised Voice

Michael Schmidt - C.H. Sisson and his Publisher

Clive Wilmer - C.H. Sisson in Place

Timothy Harris - But let the meaning go...

Victoria Moul - C.H. Sisson's Art of Translation

Patrick McGuinness - Sisson and Maurras

Charlie Louth - C.H. Sisson


Fleur Adcock - Alfred

Stephen Romer - Heimkunft, Evohe! Evohe!

Anne Beresford - Ariadne in Naxos, Untitled

Sean O'Brien - The Heat of the Day

Robert Wells - Autumnal, Castagneto

Patricia McCarthy - Mainstays

Patrick McGuinness - House Clearance, My Mother, L'Air du Temps

Sasha Dugdale - 'Perhaps Akhmatova was right...', 'Lifting the bedcovers...', Shepherds

Tim Liardet - Jalousie

Roy Cockcroft - Wet Harvests

Jean-Christophe Gouzic - Prometheus Bound and Unbound, Tantalus in Tartarus

A Jumble of Letters by C.H. Sisson

Translations, Versions & Variations

David Constantine - Holderlin's Fragments

Josephine Balmer - Ovid's Pupil (from Tristia 3.7), Perilla's Legacy, Petronius's Chalice (from Tacitus Annals, 17.18-19)

Timothy Harris - Five Tanka

Harry Guest - Three Haiku

Heinrich Heine - Where? translated from the German by Terese Coe

David Cooke - Two Poems after Mallarmé and one after Mairtin O'Diredin

Mario Petrucci - Salt flat (after Jacques Prévert)

Robert Desnos - Two Poems translated by Timothy Adès

w.S. Milne - Shadows, versions of airs by Samuel Beckett

Two Chosen Broadsheet Poets

Sophie Mayer - The Doctor's Daughter, Hide & Seek, Of Other Spaces, METAL/steel warrior

Rosie Breese - Samson, Prologue, Embroidery, When I am found