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Agenda - Celebratory Issue for William Cookson

Published by Agenda Magazine

ISBN: 9781857768916

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Vol. 39, No. 4

Poems to and for William Cookson

Leo Aylen - Letter to William
Anne Beresford - Each Soul Brings Its Own Heaven
Heather Buck - The Dead Bequeath to the Living
John Fuller - Different Places
Matthew Geden - They Told Me Pan Was Dead, Particles
Michael Hamburger - Memorial
Richard Hamburger - Nightfall
James Harpur - John (from Joseph of Arimathea)
David Harsent - from: Legion, All Hallows Apples, Daisychain
Geoffrey Hill - Wild Clematis In Winter
Alan Jenkins - Ex-Poet
Roland John - Dog Walking
Mimi Khalvati - Blessing Lotte Kramer Lying In State, Alone
Patricia McCarthy - The Walk Not Taken, Editor
Sam Milne - Eftir Hesiod, Warks and Days
Robert Nye - Three Poems: Walking in Cloud, Song Talk, Vigils
Mary de Rachewiltz For William Cookson (remembering the 1958 visit with his mother to Ezra Pound And years later his reading of the Cantos.)
Robert Richardson - Two Poems: Sensibility, The Shinto Temple
Stephen Romer - To One Who Kept Faith - Cranbourne Court
Nancy Sandars - Running Down
Michael Tolkien - Displacement , Patchwork
Christopher Truman - Absence, Galaxy Fire

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