Agenda - Hoofmarks

Agenda - Hoofmarks

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Vol. 45 No. 3



Poems: Hoofmarks

Andrew McNeillie: The Far Moss

Christopher Locke: Red Horse

Lyn Moir: Gansu Flying Horse 1 and 2

Thomas O’Grady: Magritte

Angela France: Empty Horses

Alison Brackenbury: Exmoor


                                   John Wesley’s Horse

Fred Beake: The Stable

Fawzia Kane: Carnevale

Joseph Allen: Black Horses

Wendy Holborow: Dead Horses

John Freeman: Being Read

Kathy Miles: Travelling Fair

Abby Millager: I don’t know who took the photo

David Cooke: Work Horses


Lucinda Carey: Out of Bracken

Katherine Dimma: More True

Felix Dennis: I Bit the Hand that Fed Me


Three essays/reviews:

Josephine Balmer: It Happens Once For Ever:

                               Seamus Heaney, Robert Henryson, Derek Mahon,

                               Derek Walcott, Aidan Andrew

 David Cooke: The City is a Map of the City:  Cíaron Carson

W S Milne: Fleur Adcock’s Classicism



Alyson Hallett: Clarke’s Shoe Factory

                                       Dream Doctor

John F. Deane: Dusk                      


                         John Clare’s Bedlam

Tim Liardet: from The Storm House: 14,23,24,26                         

Andrew McNeillie:  Lead Kindly Light



James Simpson: from An Untenanted Room: I, VI, IX, XII

David Cooke: At Varyinko


Gary Allen: The Boxer

                    Gypsy Ballads

Christine McNeill: Crossword

Jean O’Brien: The Blue Bobbin

Julie-ann Rowell: Lightning


Fiona Sampson: Angels of the Coffee Shop

Belinda Cooke: Salt Water

Sue Roe: Piano d’Enfant


June Hall: Weeping Woman

Felix Dennis: My Generation

                      The Big ‘A’

Tony Roberts: Drawndark

                        Houses at Naples, 1782

Jose Luis Borges:  1964 translated by Terese Coe

John Gladwell: No Cure Yet

Rosie Shepperd: I want to think you’ll make a neat job of confiscating my heart



Patricia McCarthy: A Little Big Book: Tim Liardet’s Priest Skear

David Cooke: All that Absence Signifies: Ian Parks’ The Landing Stage

Alex Smith:  Of  Form and Narrative: Eiléan Ni Chuillenáin, Fiona Sampson,

                     Jo Shapcott, Linda Saunders, Linda France


Chosen young Broadsheet Poet: Helen Mort: four poems


Hoofmarks: Two young poets

Rachel Faulkner: The Farrier


Gavin Goodwin: Winter Horses


Young essayist/poet:

Loveday Why on the Haiku


Notes for Broadsheet Poets

Fiona Sampson: The Loneliness of the Autodidact