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Agenda - Irish Issue

Agenda - Irish Issue

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Vol. 40 Nos. 1-3.

"This substantial triple Irish issue of Agenda is an essential read. It represents the tremendous poetic energy in Ireland…This is a handsome book, or anthology, rather than a mere magazine... It deserves to go around the world, which it no doubt will."
John Greening

"In a poem in the issue, Brendan Kennelly defines poetry as ‘whatever lifts the moon off your back’, and the wealth of poems here do just that.’
The Independent

"An indispensable resource... and enough to whet the appetite for forthcoming issues of this enterprising magazine…"
Irish Times

The Special 75th Birthday supplement in the Irish issue on John Montague ties in well with his book A Smile Between The Stones, translations from the French of Claude Esteban (Agenda Editions).

Issue 1

Editorial – Patricia McCarthy
Introduction to John Montague’s 75th Birthday supplement – Patricia McCarthy
John Montague: 'Last Court', 'On the Last Heath', 'Slievemore', 'Hermit', 'The Absent Limb', 'Conversations with David Jones'
Seamus Heaney: So succession passes…
Seamus Heaney:  On ‘Mount Eagle’
Thomas McCarthy: On the edge is best – a memoir
Hugh MacDiarmid: John Montague’s Ulster
Dennis O’Driscoll: Interview 1988
Two poems for John Montague: Michael Longley, 'The Pear', Nicolas Jacobs, 'Jugs'
‘The Forge’ by Peter Brennan
Martin Dodsworth: John Montague: Making Irish Poetry
Maurice Harmon: John Montague: ‘Restless Spirit’
John Greening: Place Wisdom
Thomas Dillon Redshaw: Location as Vocation: John Montague’s ‘The Northern Gate’
Gerald Dawe: Fair Dues: A Note
Peter Denman: Legendary Obstacles, Ancient Forms, Modern Poetics
David Wheatley: An Incendiary Inspiration
Matthew Geden: Completing the Job – an interview
Elizabeth Wassell: A brief interview with John Montague
Patricia McCarthy: Birthday poem for John Montague: Downloading Your Portrait

Issue 2

James Aitchison: Terrains
Fergus Allen: Penguin Island / The Dartry Dye Works
Gary Allen: Wash Day, Behind the Flats / The Island / In a Bombed Hotel in Portstewart / Kingdoms Lost
Joseph Allen: Transitive /Languages
Rosita Boland: Foundations / Chimney
Norman Buller: Her Youth
Nick Burbridge: Connection
Paddy Bushe: Crossing Waibaidu Bridge / In the Summer Palace / Lapse at Innisfallen
Maggie Butt: Stabiliser
Siobhan Campbell: Pepper / Parsing / Weeding Mangels
Moya Cannon: First Poetry / Crater
Anne Cluysenaar: 1936-(extract from a long sequence: Water to Breathe)
Gerald Dawe: The Dark Harbour / Second Look
John Deane: You / One for Sorrow / Master of the Feast / Carnival of the Animals / Report from a Far Place
Theo Dorgan: Typical bloody monkey gland weather / A prospect to brighten a shook heart / Not everyone is in it for the money
Martina Evans: Jars of Sweets / On living in an area of manifest greyness and misery / The day my cat spoke to me
Padraig Fallon: Diarmuid and Grainne: 3 lyrics / Cri du Coeur
Peter Fallon: From The Georgics of Virgil
Gerard Fanning: The Cancer Bureau / Quince
Sally Festing: Earth Dream
Janice Fixter: Counting Shells
Celia de Freine: Capture
Matthew Geden: The Stranger / The Blue Necklace
Patrick Gilmore: Intermission / Oratory Squirrels
Grey Gowrie: Transplant
Kerrie Hardie: After the Prize
Maurice Harman: Extracts from Prelude to the Doll with Two Backs
James Harpur: St Brendan / Roscommon Rain / Sinking Spirits, Dunmanus Bay, West Cork / O’Donovan, O’Donovan, O’Reilly and Me
Jennifer Harrington: Word x two / Father
Seamus Heaney: Out of Shot / What in the World?
N.M. Jagger: (from Zlotov, a sequence)
Fred Johnston: Cobbled /Hag poem / Looking for the Well
Brendan Kennelly: A Real Presence / Like the swallow / Whatever
Lance Lee: Muskrat
John Liddy: Harri / The Pilgrim’s Road in memory  / The Dead Coast Of Galicia
Michael Longley: Owl Cases / For my Cat / White Water
Sally Lucas: Winter Walking
Isobel Lusted: Thank You
Tom MacIntyre: Travellers / The Treasure
Derek Mahon: Red Cloud
Cathal McCabe: Light & Love
Thomas McCarthy: A young Nathaniel Murphy at the Castel S. Angelo, 1770 / Nathaniel Murphy thinks of the meaning of Constant Happiness, 1807
Iggy McGovern: The Bony / The Windfarm
Nigel McLoughlin: Cattle Shed / She Was Faithless
Sinead Morrissey: Lullaby
Paul Muldoon: Starlings, Broad Street, Trenton, 2003
Paul Murray: Voice and Shadow / At the Edge / The Second Youngest / Night Wind
Eilean Ni Chuilleanain: Interim report to Paul: November
Eabhan Ni Shuileabhain: Callan
Robert Nye: The Well Spring
Jean O’Brien: Yes, I can bake a cake / The Arc of a Swing in Autumn
Steven O’Brien: I Sing the Raparee / Joseph Locke
Karen O’Connor: Limerick Races
John O’Donnell: The Last Wolf in Ireland
Mary O’Donnell: The Graveyard Tango
Bernard O’Donoghue: The Houses of the Customs-Men at Dursey (after Montale) / Man of My Time (after Quasimodo)
Dennis O’Driscoll: Natural Causes
Desmond O’Grady: Versions of Kurdish poems of Love and Liberty: Nails /If I should say / I Go / Dark Night                
Nessa O’Mahony: The House of Molaga / Ceres returns for Cemetery Sunday / Love Tokens
Caitriona O’Reilly: Falco Peregrinus / The Mews / Opus Contra Naturam / The Lure / The Cure
Ian Parks: Songs of Freedom / Kite
Stephen Parr: Shed / Nine Years On
Jo Phillips: The Colour of Lies / Walking the Pier
Peter Robinson: Real Times
Sue Roe: Unconsecrated
Carol Rumens: The Weather of Scarves / Baba, Mama,Babushka / The Grandmother’s Tale
Eileen Sheehan: Last Rites / Ring
James Simmons-White: 1999 / Half Fleshless Half Feathered / Folder of Poems
Knute Skinner: I Go Cold with the Memory of It
Gerard Smyth: Smokehouse / Brother of Water and Sky / Hopkins
Will Stone: The Gift: for Michael Hamburger on his 80th Birthday
Frances Thompson: Leaving is Easy
Nigel Thompson: Mirror Mirror
David Wheatley: Fintan and the Hawk of Achill / The Hearing Aid
F.J.Williams: Reading lesson in the Lifers’ Wing
Joseph Woods: Plastic Butterflies / A Carvery Lunch in Louth
Macdara Woods: Movements taken from The Cello Suites: Prelude / Sarabande / Bouree / Gigue
Howard Wright: Gone
Lynne Wycherley: Wedding Rings

Issue 3

Brian Fallon: Patrick MacDonogh: Poems.
Atar Hadari: A Light to Transform the World: The Painter’s Craft of Derek Mahon
Carol Rumens: Derek Mahon and Formal Necessity
Ben Howard: A Belfast Contemplative: Michael Longley’s The Weather in Japan
W.S. Milne: Master of the Epigram: Brendan Kennelly
Patricia McCarthy: Manhandling the Muse in the poems of John F.Deane
N.S. Thompson: Paul Muldoon, Moy Sand and Gravel
Bernard O’Donoghue: Padraig Fallon, Pearse Hutchinson, Michael Hartnett and Ciaran Carson
Peter Robinson: Loving his Food: Harry Clifton
Nessa O’Mahony: Unsettled Things: Padraig J. Daly, Pat Boran, Kerry Hardie,
Rosita Boland and Medbh  McGuckian
Peter Robinson: So Far So Good: Sinead Morrissey
Kathryn Gray (chosen young reviewer): John Ennis, Gregory O’Donoghue, Dolores Stewart

Chosen Broadsheet 1 poet: Patrick Fogarty: Four poems
Notes for Broadsheet Poets: Having a Mentor by Patricia McCarthy
Letters exchanged between W.B.Yeats and Dorothy Wellesley

Notes on Rhythm by John Montague.