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Vol. 46 No. 2


Poems and Interview

Peter Dale



Mary Fitzpatrick:    Our Fortune’s Made Up of Our Friends

                                    The Empty Bed


                                    May Altar

                                    The Mole

Robin Houghton:      River Ouse, Rodmell, 1941

John Griffin:              The Waves


Marek Urbanowicz:   Mr. Audley’s Daughter

                                      Lucifer’s Gift

Gill McEvoy:              Afterwards – i Denial, ii – Hurting

                                     Laying the White Rose


Kevin Cahill:               Peaseblossom


Chris Fletcher:           125mph


Warren Stutely:         Ars Nova

                                     song coast

Eleanor Hooker:         54


                                    Songs of the Sea


Robert Smith:            Aphasia


Stuart Medland:      One Moment



                                  Toughening Up

Alfonso Reyes:         Farewell

                                  Ballad of the Dead Friends

                                  Translated by Timothy Adès

Avril Staple:            If you hadn’t Died So Young

Maureen Duffy:        The Book of the Dead



Patricia McCarthy:  Talking to the Dead:

                                    R.V. Bailey’s The Losing Game,

                                    Penelope Shuttle’s Sandgrain and Hourglass,

                                    Tim Liardet’s The Storm House,

                                    Gjertrud Schnackenberg’s Heavenly Questions

James Aitchison:      Chain of Being: The Fellowship of Dead Poets



Lyn Moir:                  Guggenheim Swans

                                    Train from Aranjuéz

M.H. Miles:                 August

                                     Chain Mail

                                     The Flats

Abegail Morley:          Place

Nigel Holt:                   Eldorado

D.W. Brydon:              Shells

James Roberts:           The Graveyard of Little St. David’s

Tim Murdoch:             The Ancestral Imperative

                                      Green Man Blues

Peter Rawlings:          Living in the Dark

                                     The Apple Room

Sarah Ruden:              King David Refuses to Mourn His Son

Sue Roe:                       Dream of a Dress

                                      Her Little Gloves

                                      Radial Space

                                      The Dance Card

Jackie Wills:                Woman’s legs as path

                                      Woman’s head as jug

Don Avery:                  The Egg Room

William Francis:         ‘Would you like to see her?’

Dylan Willoughby:     Annwn

Charles Baudelaire:  I Give You These Lines


                                      Translated by Jan Owen

Sergey Pantsirev:      All Said

                                    Translated by Richard McKane

Roald Mandelstam:  Dance of Shades

                                    Translated by Richard McKane


W.S. Milne:                   ‘Unknown modes of being’: Geoffrey Hill’s Late Poetry

                                       Geoffrey Hill’s Oraclau

                                       Geoffrey Hill’s Clavics

Josephine Balmer:       A Day in the Life:

                                       Michael Longley’s A Hundred Doors

                                       Brendan Kennelly:  The Essential Brendan Kennelly:  Selected Poems

                                       Derek Mahon: New Collected Poems

William Bedford:         Exiles

                                       David Harsent’s Night

                                       Bernard O’Donoghue’s Farmers Cross

                                       John Montague’s Speech Lessons

                                       Christine O’Neill’s The Scent Gallery

                                       David Cooke’s In the Distance

Belinda Cooke:          Snicking at Edges

                                      Gill McEvoy: The Plucking Shed

                                      Jean O’Brien: Lovely Legs

                                      Louise C. Callaghan: In the Ninth House

                                      Matthew Barton: Vessel

                                      Tony Roberts: Outsiders

Notes for Broadsheet Poets: Agenda Poetry Competition