Agenda - Lauds

Agenda - Lauds

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Vol. 43, Nos. 2-3

Introduction:  Patricia McCarthy

Norman Buller:  A sequence of poems


Peter Mudford:  The Memorableness of W.H. Auden – A Personal View

Nigel Thompson:  Extracts from a long poem ‘To W.H. Auden in Heaven’ and Note.

Rudiger Gorner:  From Iceland to Kirchstetten – On W.H. Auden’s verbal Journeys

Dylan Willoughby:  Dusk at St. Marks, As Seen From Dunkin Donuts –   

                                  a poem inspired by Auden

Patricia McCarthy:  The Long Hurt of it:

                                    a poem for W.H. Auden and Chester Kallman.

John Greening:  ‘Bird Lore’ – a poem for Louis MacNeice

Steven O’Brien:  ‘Scrying Stone’ – a poem for Louis MacNeice on Achill

Peter McDonald:  ‘This mirror of wet sand’ – Louis MacNeice’s Achill Poems

Desmond O’Grady: Memories of Louis MacNeice and poem

          ‘Reading the Unpublished Manuscripts of Louis MacNeice at Kinsale Harbour’

Dennis O’Driscoll:  a poem ‘Michael Hamburger 1924 – 2007’

Will Stone: Unpicked Apples: Memories of Michael Hamburger

Wolfgang Gortschacher:  Against Prejudice and Ignorance – Michael Hamburger’s

            Celebration of German Literature in the United States


Andrew Waterman:  Happiness

Diana Brodie:  Wedding Music

                         Glass Beads

Nigel Jarrett:  Nuptials


Dylan Willoughby:  What Blossoms

                                 Old Growth

Greg Delanty:  At my Mother’s Bed

                         A Small Prayer

Geraldine Paine:  The unmarked grave

Anne Ryland:  My Mother’s Salt Coat

Wendy Robinson:  Autolycus: Old Crow

Erinn Batykefer:  Cicada Year

                             Apple Family

Alex Smith:  Hortyard

           In celebration of Rivers Nursery Orchard, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire

                     Charlie Parker in Saffron Walden

Roger Elkin:  Water Barrel

Chrys Salt:  Lost

John White:  Tullanee

John Powell Ward:  Love

Susan Minish:  Voyaging

Brendan McMahon:  Owls


Chris Jones:  Nevermas

John Gibbens:  A Yellow Rose


Roland John:  The Old Ironworks

                       The Collector

Sue Roe:  Drawing a Peach

                 The Artist’s Wife as a Young Girl

Will Stone:  Harrowing

Kate Scott:  All the men I’ve never slept with

Linda Benninghoff:  August

Daniel Tobin:  The Late Show

W.S. Milne:  Edward Lowbury, 19113-2007

John Kinsella:  Requiem – a long poem



Caroline Clark:  The Myth of the Nightingale

                           Tonight Moscow

                           Tale of Tales


Adam Wyeth:  Leland Bardwell

                        Carry the Torture

                        Chamber Music