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Agenda - Requiem: The Great War

Published by Agenda Magazine

ISBN: 9781908527196

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A definitive  commemorative anthology of new, original poems, and translations, all glancing off The Great War. Special focus on Michael Longley. The poets have been chosen for responding in their unique way to The Great War, each of them perhaps being, as Virginia Woolf  suggested ‘a poet in whom live all the poets of the past, from whom all poets in time to come will spring’, linking them to the Great Chain of Being. Two chosen young Broadsheet poets contribute their responses also.

Essays on David Jones by Anna Johnson, young essayist Peter Treherne, and Anne Price-Owen; on Edward Thomas by Martin Caseley, and on Laurence Binyon by his grandson, Edmund Gray. The essays on French, German, Italian and Russian poetry of The Great War by distinguished essayists, including Ian Higgins, Karen Leeder, give a universal, balanced overview of poetic output, and of soldierly experience.

An intriguing interview with Josephine Balmer, poet, translator and critic illuminates progressive ways of combining creative writing with translation. Balmer herself has a collection, The Word for Sorrow (Salt) which skilfully offers parallel narratives from classical times and the Galipoli campaign of World War 1, indicating that hardship and fear are the same no matter what century.

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