Agenda - Retrospectives

Agenda - Retrospectives

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Vol. 46 No. 3

Introduction – Patricia McCarthy



Simon Jenner:  Der’aa

                         Jean Cras

                         Rattigan’s Versions

Peter Carpenter:  Near Ronda



Christine McNeill:  Spring

                                Wedding dress exhibition

Robert Desnos:  The Legacy

                           Translated by Timothy Adès

Inge Muller:  Ordeal by Fire

                      Translated by Timothy Adès

Mc.Donald Dixon:  Boarding Trains

Roger Elkin: There’s this memory

Robert Smith:  At Langemarck

Alison Brackenbury: On guard

Leslie Tate: Lines of Inquiry

John Griffin: Cenotaph


Simon Jenner

Robert Wells: Bernard Spencer: ‘A dramatic situation in some landscape’

Andrew McCulloch: ‘A State Between’: The Poetry of Anne Ridler

                                  and E.J. Scovell

Peter Dale: The Renunciation of Poetry: Reflections on Laura Riding’s Position

Peter Carpenter: William Hayward: Seven poems and an introductory note

Josephine Balmer: A Genuine Art

                               The Perfect Order: Selected Poems 1974-2010, Nasos Vayenas

                               Selected Poems, Alejandra Pizarnick, translated by Cecilia Rossi



Peter Dale: Labradorescence

Robert Wells: Ionian

Robert Hamberger: Being the Sea

Clare Best: How they are at home

                   How she walks home

Matthew Barton: Fall Snow

Jane Lovell:  Snowy Egret

Penelope Shuttle: Single


William Oxley: Old Gate of Essex

Will Stone:  Le Chateau de Valgenceuse

Sue Roe:  Dream of a Dress

                 Radial Space

                 The Dance Card

Robin Renwick:  If

                           The Ram

John Gladwell:  Measuring Each Angle

Mandy Pannett:  That Thing

                            Begin with a riddle

D.V.Cooke: The Dance of Death

Shanta Acharya: Hunger


General essays

Phil Cohen:  Carrying the Torch? Poetry, Sport and the Cultural Olympiad

George Watson:  Commonplaces

Will Stone:  A Tribute to W.G. Sebald


Six Chosen young Broadsheet Poets

William Searle:  The Mute Swan

                            The April Cormorant

                            The Stone Wall

Sarah Holland-Batt:  Rosser Park

                                  The House on Stilts

                                  Poem for my Father at Sanssouci

Dom Knox-Crawford:  Dungeness



Seán Hewitt:  Speech Therapy

                       From Presents from Papua i and ii

Ian Harker:  Earthwork



Kaddy Benyon:  Milk Fever


                           Palm House


Essay by former chosen young Broadsheet poet

Zoe Brigley:  Reviewing Neglected Younger Poets

                      Part 1: Mythmakers and Breakers


Notes for Broadsheet Poets

Peter Dale:  The Light is Dark Enough