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Agenda - Sheet Music

Agenda - Sheet Music

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Vol. 42, No. 2

Included is new work from Eavan Boland, John Fuller, Greg Delanty, John Deane, John Kinsella, Clive Wilmer, Peter Dale, Harry Guest, Michael Hamburger, Alison Brackenbury, John Greening, Mimi Khalvati, John Haynes, Susan Wicks, Iain Britton, Mc. Donald Dixon - and fresh, lesser-known voices, such as the chosen twenty-four year old chosen young Broadsheet Poet, Simon Pomery.

Introduction:  Patricia McCarthy


John Greening:  Variations on a Ghazal

Mimi Khalvati:  Ghazal


John F. Deane:  Lucy in the Sky


John Kinsella:  Solomon Icon

David Cooke:  Under Cygnus

Robert Stein:  We Do Not Speak of This


                       Moon Poem

Michael Kirkham: Night Thoughts

Michael Hamburger:  Towards Equanimity

Jay Parini:  Borges in Scotland

Peter Dale:  Kids’ Game


W.S. Milne: ‘Over you now the wild winds blow’

Harry Guest:  Florum Imagines

Sam Gardiner:  Nursery Walks

Ian Caws:  Requiem for a Downland Shepherd

André Frénaud:  I have never forgotten you

                           Translated by William Oxley

Ángelos Sikelianós:  Acrocorinth


                                  The Garden at Mistrá

                                  Translated by Timothy Adès

Guven Turan:  Poem to Snow on the Way

                        Translated by Ruth Christie

Essays / Reviews

W.S. Milne:  The Poetry of Nessie Dunsmuir

Greg Delanty: poem: The New Voyager

Daniel Tobin:  World Music: The Collected Poems of Greg Delanty

Eavan Boland: poem: Becoming the Hand of John Speed

Tony Roberts:  Eavan Boland: New and Collected Poems


Two poems inspired by John Clare:

Robert Etty:  I kicked it out of the clods

Robert Hamberger:  Heading North (part of a sequence)



Edward Ragg:  Abstraction and its Detractors

                         Wallace Stevens in the 21st Century

Edward Ragg: poem inspired by Wallace Stevens: Owl and Cat

Robert Stein:  What should Modern Poetry do?

Sequence of Poems - John Haynes:  Spirit Possession


Duncan Sprott:  Time Stopped: recent poetry of Thomas McCarthy, John Seed

                           and translations of C.P. Cavafy

Michael Kinsella: Nothing to communicate, thankfully:

                             Nick Laird: To a Fault


Alison Brackenbury:  The Shell



Malcolm MacClancy:  Réalta

Geraldine Paine:  You were too Young

Linda Saunders:  Dipper

                            Kelims in Stoke Newington

Stuart Henson:  The River at Rodmell

Heather Coffey:  Beating the Bounds

Tom MacIntyre:  She


Tania van Schalkwyk: My Grandmother’s Art

Viv Apple:  Father Figure

Mark Leech:  The Beast

Judith Kazantzis:  In Rome

Mark Harris:  A Century of Sounds:  The Fork

                       Pneumoconiosis (Black Lung Disease)

Richard Marggraf Turley:  Afterlives


Matthew Geden:  Ghosts

                             Gracious Networks

Sally Lucas:  Recitation

Lisa Dart:  Annunciation


Chosen young Broadsheet Poet: 

Simon Pomery:  Anima

                           Uncle Rodge

                           The Folk Singer

                           Send no Flowers

Peter Abbs:  The Four Tasks of the Contemporary Poet


John Fuller:  How Far?

Caroline Price:  Messages

                          The Alde at Snape

Clive Wilmer:  A Blue Tit’s Egg

                         Learning to Read

                         Translator’s Apology

Iain Britton:  At the site of the future I light a fire …

                     Ourselves Written in Wood

Susan Wicks: Cat’s Eye, Soft Shoulder

                       What do we do with Spring?

                       French Kissing in Brittany

                       Stained Glass

Lynn Roberts:  Adonis

Pat Earnshaw:  Puppet without Strings

Myra Schneider:  Strawberries

Nicholas Jagger:  Das Nachtlied

Moya Cannon:  Starlings

Mc. Donald Dixon:  Three Palms at Commerette