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Agenda - Translation as Metamorphosis

Agenda - Translation as Metamorphosis

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Vol. 40, No. 4

Manuel Altolaguirre, The Shadows (tr. Charles Tomlinson)
Antonella Anedda, Six Summers (tr. Nigel Thompson)
Leonid Aronzon, The bonfire of mountains / Balance me my letter / Women have roses (tr. Richard McKane)
Baudelaire, Laments of Icarus (tr. Will Stone)
Baudelaire, The Swan (tr. Harry Guest)
Catullus, Excerpts and ‘free’ versions (tr. Mario Petrucci)
Corbiere, Rondels for After (tr. Peter Dale)
Angel Crespo, Between The Desired and Desire (tr. Charles Tomlinson)
Angel Crespo, Yen Shu / The Immortal / A Road (tr. Arthur Terry)
Vilma De Gasperin, Medusa (tr. Nigel Thompson)
Joachim du Bellay, Expatriate (tr. Harry Guest)
Eugene Dubnov, A River, A Pulsing Stream (tr. Anne Stevenson / John Heath Stubbs with the author)
Luciano Erba, A First – Degree Equation (tr. Peter Robinson)
Claude Esteban, 'From a sequence inspired by King Lear' (tr. John Montague)
Forugh Farrokhzad, 'A Bird is Mortal / Stoning' (tr. Robert Chandler)
Stefan George, translated by Lotte Kramer
Andrea Gibellini, Letter to Italy (tr. Nigel Thompson)
Goran For, Music’s Angel (tr. Desmond O’Grady)

Greek Poems, Five poems from the Greek Anthology (tr. John Wareham)
Ouled Hamid, Rhythm (tr. Rached Khalifa)
Old Irish, The Song of Amergin (tr. Nigel McLoughlin)
Eleonora Joffe, I’ll meet you (tr. Richard McKane)
Larissa Miller, Where to run / Ritenuto ritenuto (tr. Richard McKane)
Euginio Montale, The Eel (tr. Robert Chandler)
Euginio Montale, The Frog (tr. Charles Tomlinson)
Mairtin O Direain, Uprooted (tr. Nigel McLoughlin)
Sean O Riordain, The Darkness (tr. Nigel McLoughlin)
Cathal O Searcaigh, November 1994 / Trees (tr. Nigel McLoughlin)
Pier Paolo Pasolini, To The Bells Of Orvieto (tr. Nigel Thompson)
Mehrangiz Pegah, Stoning (tr. Robert Chandler)
Salvatore Quasimodo, The Road to Agrigentum / 19th January 1944 (tr. Rosalind Ingrams)
Rainer Maria Rilke, You are so great… (tr. Christine McNeill)
Vittorio Sereni, from A Holiday Place (tr. Marcus Perryman / Peter Robinson)
Elena Shvarts, Candle at a Wake / The endless passing… (tr. Sasha Dugdale)
Philippe Soupault, Eternal Autumn (tr. Kirk West)
Tugrul Tanyol, Poems in Search of Themselves / Against the Flow (tr. Ruth Christie)
Marina Tsvetaeva, I’m almost certain…/ And clouds of gadflies (tr. Belinda Cooke)
Paul Valery, Snow (tr. Gordon Pirie)
Evgeniy Vinokurov, Birds / Silent Movie (tr. Stephen Capus)
Milena Wieczorek, Memories of my Great- Great- Grandmother (tr. Milena Wieczorek / Kirk West)