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Agenda - US Issue

Agenda - US Issue

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Vol. 41, Nos. 3-4

The impressive array in this US issue of Agenda of poems by fresh, energetic voices, male and female, known and mainly unknown, demonstrates the energy and variety of the challenging corpus of poetry emerging from the U.S. in the last of the current international series of Agenda issues. The chosen poems, culled both from academic and non-academic circles, are set on survival. Poets such as John Roberts, Virgil Suarez, Jack Gilbert, Greg Delanty, Jared Carter, Jackson Wheeler, Ben Mazer, Kay Ryan, Samuel Menashe, Martha Carlston-Bradley, Elena Karina Byrne, Dana Gioia, Linda Gregg, W.D. Snodgrass, Suzanne Lummis, Sandra Gilbert, Stephen Knauth, Anne Carson, Georgia Tiffany, among others, come from all over the U.S. from East, West and mid U.S.


Greg Delanty: Letter to Patricia McCarthy

Introduction – Patricia McCarthy



John Roberts: Starvation (a sequence)

Virgil Suarez: At the Bone Table

                       Phosphorus in the Land of ….

                       Bruce W I need you

Elena Karina Byrne:  Master & Servant Mask

                                   Your Death Mask

                                   Narcissism R Mask

Dana Gioia:  The Apple Orchard

                      The Heart of the Matter

Jack Gilbert:  Bring in the Gods

                      What Song should we Sing

Linda Gregg:  The Lightning

                       Having it Both Ways

                       I do not need the Gods to Return

Greg Delanty:  Shopping for a Composter

                         The Jar of Effluence

W.D. Snodgrass: Packing up the Lute

Carol Davis: Merce Cunningham and the Music

                     The Closing

Valerie Bandura:  Goodman’s Anthem

                             The Found Word

Lori Levy:  Vibrato

Paul Bamberger:  The Horsecutter’s Dream

Mary diLucia:  Dream: Taken from the Japanese

                         To Catch a Horse

Jared Carter:  Colossi at Memnon

                       In my Youth

Suzanne Lummis:  Red Shoes

                               Medusa Depressed

Marcia Karp: Call for the Child, Call for the Dame

John Talbot:  Horace Odes 3.18

                      Revolutionary Graveyard, Sudbury

                      Wellfleet: Father and Toddler

                      Literary Theory

Eve Grubin:  How the Rain


Cammy Thomas:  Cyclops

                              Facing Scylla

Daniel Tobin:  The Jetty


Wyatt Prunty:  The Glass Cabinet

                        Prudentius, Seneca, Boethius, etc.



Grey Gowrie:  Lowell: a Memoir

Elegy for Prince: Peter Robinson

Michael Kirkham: Prince essay

                              Prince’s letters

W.S. Milne: Paul Auster

Poem by Linda Hogan

Christine Casson: A Forest Dreaming: Landscape and Displacement in

                             the Poetry of Linda Hogan

Peter Robinson: Pound and Sereni

Thomas Day:  T.S. Eliot’s Gerontion




Jackson Wheeler:  Kites

                              Three Shadows

                              Sleeping through Texas

                              Even under Torture the Al’Qaeda are Dreaming

Sandra Gilbert:  Parasailor


Ben Mazer:  The Pacific Quarterly

Christopher Buckley:  Gabriela Mistral at East Beach


                                    Poem beginning…

Colleen Abel:  On hearing Plath read…

Joshua Weiner:  Postcard to Thom

Rhina Espaillat:  Significant Other

Kay Ryan:  Why it is hard to start

Lenny Emmanuel:  Snow in Pass Christian


Peter Campion:  Invisible Bird


James Rioux:  Ass


Leslie Shinn:  Nightingale

William Virgil Davis:  The Double-Crested Cormorant

Mark Prudowsky:  Breaking the Ice

Charles Lauder:  When You’re Here

                            The Last Great Ice Age

Sandra Alcosser:  Sleeping inside the Glacier

                             Mare Frigoris

T.S. Kerrigan:  Memento Ergo Sum

Sean Mac Falls:  I Hear all the Outlawed World

Mark de Carteret:  Close Reading

                              The Fairground

                              The Skeleton

Frank Dux:  Trees




Alison Brackenbury:  Out of the Box

Dennis O’Driscoll: Letters of Robert Lowell

Eli Jelly Shapiro: The Artist Wanders Home (Derek Walcott)

Peter Campion:  Kenneth Cox



Stephen Knauth:  Black Locust

                            Song of the Lightkeeper’s Wife

                            Breeze bringing Dusk

Justin Bigos: To Egon Schiele

Ben Howard:  Elegy

                       Prune Kringle

Lance Lee:  What a Man Gives

                    Father Death

Christine Casson: Vilanelle for my Father

                             My Father’s Hands

Michelle Gillett:  Dead Man’s Float

Adrie Kasserow:  What to Give her

David Cavanagh:  Never Mind

Susan Sindall:  Pretty Body


                       What’s Left

Elizabeth Haukaas:  Mothers

Pamela Alexander:  Aries

Samuel Menashe:  Dream


                              A Grain of Salt

Salita Bryant:  Before I tell him that I am leaving home

Anne Carson: Treat Him

Mary Fitzpatrick:  Sweet are the Uses of Adversity

Gail Holst-Warhaft:  Translation

Martha Carlston-Bradley:  Family History

Daniel Mark Epstein: The Everlastings

Danny Rendleman:  Last Words


Georgina Tiffany: Praise & Company


Three Chosen Broadsheet Poets: Pamela Johnston Kirkpatrick, Hannah Posten and Tess Tay

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