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Agenda - Welsh Issue: Carpenters of Song

Agenda - Welsh Issue: Carpenters of Song

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Vol. 44, Nos. 2-3


Introduction : Patricia McCarthy


Menna Elfyn:  Cerdd Gocos: The Cocklewoman

                        Ol-nodyn: End note

Mererid Hopwood:  Ym Mhenrhyn Gwyr: Down on the Gower

                                 Darnau Tawelwch: Fragments of Silence

                                 Bro:  Home Patch

Andrew McNeillie:  Literalist

                                 The Shadow of a Blackbird

                                 Wild Thorn

Byron Beynon: Bryn Mawr

                          Cefn Sidan


Tony Curtis:  Reaching Yr Achub

                      Two at Manorbier

                      The Blue Grave of Corfu

Chris Kinsey:  End-of-year Chorus

                        Leaving Bardsey

Ian Gregson: Dolgarrog Flood, 1925

                      The Stuffing Boxes

Christine Evans: Hovers


Duncan Bush: Avedon’s Drifters

                        Fragonard’s Lovers

Edward Storey:  A Second Adam

                           Some Fiery Sea-Dog

Marc Harris:  The River Beckons for a Last Cast

Oliver Reynolds:  Night

Richard Marggraf Turley:  Cursive

Dylan Jones: Black-out

Damian Walford-Davies:  September Song

Gerald Wells:  Latecomer

Idris Caffrey: A Man on Gwastedyn Hill

Paul Henry: Penllain

                    The Lichen Gatherer

Paul Robichaud:  The Spear

Lynn Roberts:  Family Secrets

John Barnie: Swallow

                     The View from Allt-Wen

                     A Moment of Doubt

Nigel Jenkins: 5 Haikus

Sheenagh Pugh:  How to Leave


Peter Dale:  Blade

                    Bottles on the Step

                    Nonsuch Park; Easter Island

Roland John:  Looking for Elpenor

                       Love Song

Peter Finch: The Death of Phil Ochs

Kathy Miles:  Skeletons in the Cupboard


Philip Williams:  Castell y Bere

                            Return to Catterick

Robert Minhinnick:  In the Gwli                   

Steven O’Brien:  The Coral Rosary

                            The Gates of Paradise

Wendy Holborow:  A Rose-Coloured Italian Afternoon




Art work:  David Jones

Anne Price-Jones:  What says Dai’s mabinogi?

Art work: David Jones

Tim Smith-Laing:  ‘My Greek sailors speak Cockney’

                                The principle of abstraction in a selection

                                of the works of David Jones

Inscriptions: David Jones

Tony Conran: A sequence of poems

                       Benedictus: Second Movement

                       from ‘Everworlds’

Photograph: Tony Conran

Patricia McCarthy:  ‘How could wounds in that bed of planets – shine,

                                     Out-heroding glow-worms?’

                                  Tony Conran: What Brings You Here So Late?

Johnny Marsh:  Painting, Poetry, Music: The Images of Pascale Petit

Pascale Petit: Translating Yang Lian’s ‘The Valley and the End: A Story’

Yang Lian:  poem, translated by Pascale Petit

Cary Archard: The Power of Translation:

                        the influence of Rilke on Alun Lewis and Dannie Abse

Dannie Abse: 2 poems

                       After the Memorial

                       The Revisit

Peter Dale: ‘The old temptation to remould the World.’

                     Alun Lewis: Collected Poems

Drawing of RS Thomas

William Virgil Davis: poem

                                    The Poet-Priest

Stephen Devereux: The Contradictory Mr. Thomas

WS Milne: Omnium Gatherum of Welsh poetry collections

Menna Elfyn:  Under the Influence

Ian Gregson:  The New Women’s Poetry in Wales


Gwyneth Lewis:  Lundy

Pascale Petit: Roots (The Pedregal)


Tiffany Atkinson:  00.52


                              After Bluebeard

Zoe Brigley:  Her Last Rochester

                      The Scent Bottle

                      The Hair bracelet


Zoe Skoulding:  Gwydyr Forest

                           The museum for disappearing sounds

Jeni Williams:  On Travelling and Maps

                          Time Passes

David Jones: art work



Anna Lewis: A sequence of poems from characters 

                      in the Mabinogian

Meirion Jordan: Cat, Cé and Fidach


                           Man of Sorrows

                           The Small Animals


Patricia McCarthy interviews Gillian Clarke


Gillian Clarke: New poems


Peter Carpenter interviews Zoe Brigley