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Authors: Pete Marshall

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781907090455

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Pete Marshall’s poetry is wry, witty and playful, yet always pushing at the boundaries of formal and free verse.

Stylistically fresh and engaging, the poems often come accompanied by images and found material, only enhancing their literary and artistic impact, and reflecting a deep rootedness in the landscape and mythology of North Wales.

This passion for place comes through in densely layered verse, not averse to social and cultural commentary, often with a critical edge. In its combination of the lyrical and the colloquial, of formal innovation and an outward-looking, thought-Provoking narrative, AGOG brings together a very original perspective on the valleys of home.

Pete Marshall was born in Liverpool in 1958. He has worked at many occupations, from a soldier to a social worker. His other collections include In Loco Parentis and The Vale, the latter written during a six-month writer’s sabbatical in the Vale of Glamorgan. Pete is married with three children and lives on a traditional Welsh smallholding in the Conwy Valley.
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