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All Men Are Afraid

Authors: Bill Trub

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781907090967

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Focussing on dysfunctional relationships All Men Are Afraid, has a unique voice poetics. As Patience Agbabi writes, “There are several chance encounters in this collection, often with poignant and/or surreal outcomes. Gay sexual encounters, in particular, play with identity and gender roles. The poet creates bizarre mini-worlds where identities are constantly in flux. This voice delights in cosmic metaphors.”

An abundance of dynamic, memorable prose poems are at the heart of this collection. Distinctly different from microfiction, this prose makes full use of the white space between sentences, the emotional force it releases.”

 Bill Trüb is from New Jersey. He has worked as a senior editor for a magazine and volunteered with the US Peace Crops to work in a rural education programme in South Africa.

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