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All the Relevant Gods

Authors: Robin Houghton

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781910836958

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"All the Relevant Gods has an impressive range of reference which bestows a strong sense of authority on its tone. It is geographically various but sure-footed in its evocation of here versus elsewhere, and it manages to ground its more abstract references, to science and music, in a vivid concreteness, so that it deploys the specific to hint evocatively at larger concerns." - Ian Gregson

Extract from: 'Prancer'

He came to us over the leads –
a connoisseur of chimneys
and gnarly parapets –

he slid between church roofs,
ground his joints on mossy tiles
while pinnacling.

For the joy of each chase down
he endured the up, chiseling
hoof-holds in slate,

following twizzles of breath
blown from his brothers’
nostrils up front.

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