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America (a poem)

Authors: John Kinsella

Published by Arc Publications

ISBN: 9781904614289

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John Kinsella's poem America is very much in the mould of Blake's visionary poem America, A Prophecy, but unlike Blake Kinsella does not express himself in allegorical terms but delivers a trenchant, uncompromising and direct denunciation of the world's unchallenged superpower.

In what Peter Porter describes in his superb introduction as a "finely annotated and sculpted tirade";, Kinsella expresses his extreme disillusionment with the country in which he has been living on and off since the turn of the century, a disillusionment felt all the more keenly because he is Australian.

This is an extraordinary work, a highly political and hard-hitting commentary on contemporary America presented not as documentary but in poetry, and all the more powerful for that.

"Kinsella's America is a voice from the Rust Belt, but the rust is traced to the minds of Corporate America, not just its worn-out industries; [He] has an almost perfect ear for how a phrase will fall from the mouth into the waiting air-space."
Peter Porter

John Kinsella was born in Perth, Australia in 1963. He is editor and international editor of a number of well-known literary journals, has had over 30 books in a wide range of literary genres (including poetry, prose and literary criticism) published, and is a literary critic and cultural commentator. A Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge, which he regards as his academic base, he has taught over the past 5 years at in the USA at Kenyon College, Ohio and also holds an adjunct professorship in Australia.
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