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Another Santana Morning

Authors: Mike Dolan

Published by Elastic Press

ISBN: 9780955318153

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This is a book about magic. It is also about love…and other emotions. But mainly it concerns those moments when suddenly we become aware of the magical aspects of the world, when we catch a glimpse of reality’s other side, peering through ordinary barriers, past a split in the sky, into somewhere else, where we might find something wondrous.

“…He was faced with undeniable reality, the way one is faced with the street outside a movie theatre, when it is evening, the lights are on, and you thought it was still afternoon, after a particularly long and engrossing show… It was as though he could see her with increasing clarity while he spoke. The pale form kept changing, taking on colour and texture, substance, weight, presence, until a real girl sat in front of him…”

Santana Morning was originally published in 1970, but a quirk of fate has given it a forgotten history.

Mike Dolan, once lauded by the likes of Ray Bradbury slipped back into obscurity, resurfacing over thirty-five years later to put a new spin on these tales. Elastic Press is delighted to present Another Santana Morning, a revamped and updated version of the original book. Read it and rediscover that old magic.

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