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Asylum Seekers

Authors: Cara Watson

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781907090806

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Asylum Seekers is a debut collection arranged as a series of poetry sequences which examine the unease, dislocation and brokenness of everyday life.

In the opening sequence, ‘Asylum Seeker’, the protagonists are already on the margins even as they set out together in marriage. Then come the grim realities of ‘Home Visit’, in which the narrator is released from prison and adopts an unwanted child. These visceral, unflinching episodes are then countered by the refuge of ‘Aunt Lillian’s Cornish Cottage’ and happy thoughts of ‘Journeys’ to Colliford Lake.

The cottage; old, white, damp.
Perfumed with joss sticks
and salt air,
goat musk and cats.
In the sanctuary I meditate.
(from ‘Aunt Lillian’s Cornish Cottage’)

Cara Watson has lived in Cornwall for the past twenty-five years. Having studied for an advanced diploma in Creative Writing from the Open University, her poems have been published in magazines, and in the Cinnamon anthology In Terra Pax (2012). Asylum Seekers won the 2012 Cinnamon Press Poetry Award.

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